Do you have a party or special event coming up? Why not add a little magic to it? Whatever the event, Andrew will impress your guests, both children and adults, with magic entertainment!

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Reasons to hire a magician at your wedding

(For couples and wedding planners)


1. Avoid the awkward silence.

The problem with weddings is that you have a lot of people who don't know each other coming together for the first time.  A lot of people in this situation can be very shy and once the obvious questions are asked they run out of things to say.  Having a magician can solve this problem almost immediately. A good magician can go from table to table performing a mini cabaret show at each table.  It raises the whole atmosphere in the room as tables are clapping and cheering.  Watching a magician performing on a nearby table builds anticipation and gets everyone talking about what they are about to see. Magic also acts as a conversation starter or ice breaker.  Once the magician leaves the table everyone instantly has something they can talk about, even if it is only to try and work out how it was done!


2. Get photos that you will remember.

A lot of couples ask the wedding photographer to walk around during the wedding and take pictures of guests having fun and smiling.  It's a great idea, the only problem is when you point a camera at most people they freeze or do some sort of weird forced smile.  That is why wedding photographers love magicians - they know the best pictures are captured when people look relaxed and natural.  Most photographers will follow the me around and take pictures of your guests as I perform.  That's the best way to get pictures of people who are smiling, obviously happy and enjoying themselves. You will literally have hundreds of pictures to choose from of your guests reacting in a variety of different ways.   


3. Avoid being generic.

Weddings have become very generic.  Most weddings are the same, in fact during the summer months if you have been invited to three or four weddings it's hard to remember one from the other.  Really a wedding should be memorable, it should be remembered by all the the guests for all the right reasons.  Having a magician at your wedding is different and although more people are hiring magicians than ever before it is still in the minority rather than the majority.  As magic is a form of entertainment it is interactive and it means that people get involved and invested in the performances. Your wedding will be remembered for a long time to come - for all the right reasons. Simply by hiring a magician for your wedding it will give your guests the WOW factor from the second they walk through the door.  They will not expect to be greeted by a magician and in all likelihood they will have never seen anything like it before.  Being able to experience something that they have previously only seen on TV is a great way to kick off any event, but especially good for a wedding.  It creates a high that will remain for the rest of the night.  




Reasons to hire a restaurant magician

(For owners and managers)


1. My close-up entertainment features incredible magic that is ideal for small groups or one-on-one and is suitable and entertaining for all ages.

2. Your customers will have an awesome and memorable experience.

3. You will be delighted to hear the reactions of amazement and laughter from your customers.

4. Using my magic services will make your restaurant atmosphere unique and exciting.

5. My services will more than pay for itself by drawing in new customers and making repeat customers come back again and again.

6. Your restaurant will receive advertising every time I perform at private or public parties. Also, the name of your restaurant will be promoted through my website and Facebook page.

7. In addition to doing magic for customers at their tables, if it is a very busy night and people are waiting to be seated, I can keep them entertained until seating is available. They won’t even think about leaving to go somewhere else.